Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Profiles in LEADership: Caroline Haddaway

This year has been very busy so far! I am taking 4 AP classes, I am an active member of Best Buddies, I was selected as Field Hockey co-captain, and I am involved again, this year in the CCPS Robotics team.  These activities are keeping me pretty busy, along with keeping up with my school work. Field Hockey is wrapping up, so I am ready to start pushing forward with some of my planned projects. I am still in the process of setting up my school's chapter of Stand for the Silent, the anti-bullying club. I have a group of students excited to join, a charter and mission statement have been written and I am planning to meet with my school principal next week. It should be up and running soon!  Although this year has been challenging so far, it has been fun and I'm looking forward to see where the rest of the year will go. This winter I will be participating in Mock Trial and Math Club, and our Robotics team will begin planning and building our robot for a competition in the spring. I am also excited that I will be volunteering at the Society of Women Engineers event this winter to help encourage middle school girls to remain active in science, math and engineering. 
Along with school and all my activities I am starting to explore colleges that I am interested in. In a few weeks I am going on a college tour to visit The University of Delaware, Swarthmore College, Syracuse University, and a few other engineering schools. I plan to study either Environmental or Marine engineering so that I can learn the skills needed for building sailboats which is a career field I am very interested in pursuing when I graduate. I also hope to participate in a club or varsity sailing team in college. Over this past summer I studied and received my crewing license that allows me to crew a sailboat. I hope to go further with this and eventually get my captains license. I am really hoping to combine my academic and personal interests in college, so it is going to take a little work to find the ideal fit, but I'm confident I can!
The skills I learned during my last two summers in the LEAD program have really helped me focus and take matters into my own hands.  I am more confident in setting goals for myself and my accomplishments have served to better myself and also my community.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Footprint of Dominion

Having unrivaled access to our region’s most important energy facilities is part of what Leadership Southern Maryland is all about. For 32 class members and several program advocates, understanding the role that Dominion plays in our region extended far beyond the definition of LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas. Dominion opened its gates to a world of safety, stewardship and protection of not only its employees, but also the environment around its facilities. One of the western shore’s largest freshwater marshes, Dominion is home to numerous species of wildlife, under a cover of protection that reaches from the eagles flying overhead to the fragile grasses that were replanted to save the wetlands. Partnering with Leadership Southern Maryland in planting those grasses allows for a continued stewardship of our bay and defines the very essence of regional collaboration. Thank you to Michael Gardner, Tim Nelson, Mark Reaser and the Dominion Cove Point Facility for a wonderful lunch and tour!

Energy & Environment, SMECO

Leadership Southern Maryland would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to SMECO, CEO Joe Slater, Tom Dennison, Natalie Brown, and Bernadette Lewis for contributing to a great program at their headquarters in Hughesville. Aside from the teriffic lunch provided by SMECO, LSM class of 2013 were given an exclusive tour of both the new Solar Farm on Rt. 5, Leonardtown Rd, and SMECO's new Platinum LEED Certified facility. Thank you to program advocates Laurell Aiton, Rob Plant, Michelle Russell and Gary McKay for two days of power programs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to the LSM Class of 2013!

The Class of 2013 includes:
Rhiana Allston, Doug Alves, Martina Arnold, Dawn Barrett, Carmen Belen, Amie Bothwell, Lee Bradshaw, Robin Burt, Bekah Carmichael, Tania Dawson, John Felicitas, Anne Forrest, Glenn Frank, III, Louis Hari, Chip Jackson, Gladys Jones, Holly Kellogg, Kristina Moore, Donna Croll Nestor, Greg Olson, Dr. Edward Otten, Chris Oursler, Kory Raftery, Tim Renz, Dr. Bob Schaller, Stepahnie Simm, Jonathan Sola, Michelle Thompson, Jackie Vaughan, Kenneth Waldrop, Lori Werrell and Cheryl Wyatt.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Building Teams, Ideas and Relationships

Getting to know your classmates, as well as their passions, is key in building the teams. With time to brainstorm, a simple idea becomes a driving force behind successful collaborations.

Defining Moments...

Picking topics for team projects is a pivotal moment for most of LSM's members. It defines the project focus of each team for the year and brings each class member together with others who share a similar passion. By day 2, twelve topics will become 6 teams and projects. This task is facilitated by Eliot Pfanstiehl, CEO of the Strathmore Hall Foundation.